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Current Open Positions - To apply send resume to hello@dailysalida.com



Here at Daily Salida, we always make the customers our top priority. To make them feel like a star, we never cease in finding ways to deliver the highest quality services along with the current and most in-demand trends and of course, unbeatable pricing. To keep this goal in line, we are always looking for exceptional talents to become part of our team!

Are you the next one? If you’re a talented developer, then we want you!

As our next developer, you need to deliver the training and skills that you have acquired within a classroom setting as well as the following:

  • Collaborate with leaders, end-users and SME’s to learn more about the materials, the processes and how the work at Daily Salida unfolds
  • Must possess a certification from a core systems related training
  • Knowledgeable in PowerPoint presentations and operations, along with other visual aids, modules and materials; with willingness for an extensive training
  • Must be skilled in developing training media that is based on adult knowledge theory and must taken into consideration the customers’ learning styles
  • With comprehensive knowledge on existing training materials, contents, curriculum, job support and is creative in implementing and modifying as the situation requires
  • Highly familiar and comfortable in using systems applications and able to incorporate them in business operations
  • Always open for work and program evaluations, keeps track of training efficiency and can implement modifications for improvement
  • Highly creative and confident to provide solutions once needed
  • Can facilitate new trainings as necessary
  • Can deliver exceptional customer service at all times
  • Can multitask and great in time management
  • Must possess an intense passion in for learning and development
  • Flexible enough to work on other duties should time permit

What You Need to Present

-Degree and other Certifications

-Certification/Documentation of training and skills as well as design experience 

-High-level written and verbal communication skills


Customer Support

In any business, the customer is always the one to be pleased! Daily Salida is proud to announce that we are offering exceptional customer service to everyone around the world. If you think you can join the team and deliver amazing responses and good-natured conversations using your own unique style, then you can join us in front of the line!

If you’re now visualizing yourself holding a phone and talking to the customers, here’s what Daily Salida wants you to do:

  • Must answer and respond to customers with utmost respect and attention
  • Collaborate with the members of the team as well as the internal team for sensitive matters relating to Shipping, Fraud and others
  • Assure that the customers can receive their orders wherever they are in the world

The following “factors” are a plus:

-Positive attitude (must be able to separate personal things from professional matters)

-Years of experience in customer support industry (moreover if you’ve worked on an e-commerce company)

-Expert in handling customers via phone and email

-Knowledgeable in using customer service systems


Graphic Designer

Daily Salida is seeking a highly talented and creative graphic designer. We don’t set limits in creating new materials and content that would capture the attention and heart of our customers. If you think you have the guts and skills in designing new stuffs that would create a trend and increase sales, then it’s time you apply today!

Can You Do This?

  • Visualize and create a design that meets the standard of our brand and team up with corresponding internal teams for amazing photography, website works and social media
  • Execute the idea while keeping in mind the impact to the audience and customers in great ways
  • Can make mind-boggling banners and graphics that Daily Salida’s customers won’t be able to resist
  • Can work with ease with our creative team and other corresponding teams


-You have a greater chance of being hired if you have what follows!

-Degree Holder in Graphic Arts or other related course

-Years of experience in creating graphics for an e-commerce company

-Extensive knowledge and skills in using Adobe Creative Suite

-Exceptional written and verbal English communication skills


Product Research

Daily Salida never ceases in inviting talented individuals who know how to ride the e-commerce waves! We highly appreciate people who know what’s in and bring them in the table so appropriate teams can work in making the project come to life. We need someone who understands what the public wants at a certain time and is used to frequent changes in trends and demands in the e-commerce industry.

If you think you are the one we’re looking for to join our Product Research Team, then take time to read the following!

  • Responsible in researching, conceptualizing and creating programs for new products
  • Can communicate real-time with the team to ensure if the new products have the potentials
  • Can create plans for onboarding products as well as detailed report from product data collection
  • Can research for a steady source of valuable data when it comes to new products as well as the latest news, trends and issues in the e-commerce industry
  • Can work with ease with the internal and external team as well as clients and deliver updates on track.
  • With a product research experience in the e-commerce or fashion industry
  • Can work and deal large-scale product research and ride in market changes

These bonus skills are a plus

-Tim management, organized and must possess skills in management as well

-Product detail-oriented, have a positive attitude in doing follow-ups, and have the skills in dealing with the varying degrees of the e-commerce and fashion industry

-Must be highly aware of the products’ lifecycle

-Has exceptional communication skills with a positive attitude in dealing with the clients and customers

-Have the passion and desire to work with a team that works in a fast-paced, active environment.


Shopify Product Import

Daily Salida has a team of individuals that knows what products to import in order to be added to the wonderful collection. We never stop in making the product offers a perfect set and we need exceptional talents that know how the market thinks and works. If you have knowledge in working with Shopify Product Import, then a spot at Daily Salida’s team of creative individuals await you!

Do you have what it takes to be part of our team?

  • With exceptional skills and background in using various e-commerce platform
  • Knows what the customers want to find and browse in our store
  • Can provide rich and detailed product information
  • Have years of experience in working with Shopify’s import products functionality
  • Can keep track of valuable data on how competitors work
  • Has knowledge about web design, product details, inventory levels, customization, delivery options, check-out process, payment options and customer service

 Added skills would be great basis as well!


-Knows how to use advanced Shopify’s tools and features

 -Conceptualize and execute ways on how to make shopping easier for customers

 -Knows about the legwork and preparation of CSV files

 -Broad attention to detail

 -Advanced verbal and written communication skills