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24K Gold Beauty Bar

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Product Details:

  • Made from solid brass, aluminum and coated in 24k gold
  • Vibrates at 6000 RPM
  • Power supply: D.C1.5V and comes with one AA battery



  • T-Shaped massage head
  • Made from pure brass
  • High vibration frequency to stimulate blood circulation underneath the skin to make you look younger
  • Best for acne prone skin - reduces premature aging, and encourages healing of your facial skin.


How to use:

  • When using on your face, move in an upward and outward motion. For example, the movement will be from the bridge of your nose to your ear
  • When massaging your neck, move from base up towards your throat and jaw line
  • It is recommended to use this device at least once a day for optimal results


Shipping: 10-15 days for US delivery. Allow 1-2 additional weeks for international delivery